Toddler Diaper Bag Must-Haves

***Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Eric and Oscar. However, all opinions and the love of this stylish diaper bag are all my own. ***


Life with a toddler is sooooo much different than life with a baby. Especially an active one like my almost-two-year-old. She refuses to be in an ergo anymore and doesn’t last very long in a stroller, so I am normally hand-in-hand with my little independent diva. But even though my toddler doesn’t need as much as she once did, there are still a few necessities that I always make sure are packed in her diaper bag.

Eric and Oscar Diaper Bag – This diaper bag is a must-have for me. It’s sleek, stylish and allows me to keep my hands free to hold onto my daughter. It’s roomy enough to hold what we need, but isn’t bulky like most diaper bags. I’m able to fit all of Madison’s necessities, along with my own. There are a ton of pockets, which make it easy to access items like my car keys, wallet, tissues, etc. The stylish quilted diamond design is absolutely beautiful! I would totally use this diaper bag as a handbag or travel tot as well. It’s also water resistant, which helps make cleaning up messes even easier.

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Diapers/Pull-Ups/Diaper Wipes – We’re currently working on potty training, which is going. HA! Some days she does well, and some days she doesn’t. We’ll get there but in the meantime Madison is still mostly wearing diapers. You never know when accidents are going to happen and it’s good to always be prepared.

Changing Pad – The Eric and Oscar Diaper Bag comes with a matching changing pad. Changing Pads are a necessity, especially when you need to change your toddler in a public place.

Extra Outfit – Accidents happen at the most inopportune times. Whether it be a bathroom accident or it be a toddler induced accident, you never know what’s going to happen.

Water Bottle – I bought Madison this water bottle that keeps her water or juice cold and it’s a God send. I’m able to close the top so that it doesn’t leak in my bag and Madison can easily open it when she wants it.

Pouches – Madison absolutely loves her pouches. And I love them for her! They’re good for her and mess-free. She’s able to feed herself easily and relatively mess free. This is a great snack for her to eat while in the car as well. I keep a couple of these on hand in her diaper bag for whenever she’d like an extra snack.

Snack Cup – I love these snack cups that are spill proof. I fill up the snack cup with her favorite snack and go. She’s able to eat out of her cup while playing without spilling it everywhere. #MOMWIN

You can purchase any of these items on amazon, including this GORGEOUS Eric and Oscar Diaper Bag! You can purchase the bag directly by going to




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