Toddler Schedule For The Stay-At-Home-Mom

I love a schedule. Schedules keep me happy, organized and sane. Just like when I wrote this post on 6-9 month schedules, keeping the small bit of sanity I have left in check is so important. Even more important than my own sanity, is my daughters viability and happiness. Madison seems to thrive off of a schedule.

Although a schedule makes my life SO much easier, it is still important to be flexible. There will be times when our kiddos are sick, teething or a little off where we will need to alternate, or even do away completely, with our schedules. Listening to our intuition and our little ones will let us know when we need to do this.

When I first became a stay-at-home mom Madison was about 6 months old. I was worried about what I’d do with her all day. At 6 months, there wasn’t much she could be involved in. But now that she’s older, we have lots of options! Here’s what a typical weekday looks like for us.

7AM – Wake up and eat breakfast. I normally give Madison a banana while I make her eggs or oatmeal. Then she free plays while I drink my coffee, feed the dogs and get ready for the day.

830AM – 1130AM – Get out of the house for some kind of fun activity. Playtime with friends, music class, story time at the library or just kid care time at our local gym (and workout time for mommy). I love getting Madison out of the house every morning for some kind of activity. It’s great for developing Madison’s social skills and for keeping this mommy sane. I’ll always bring a pouch or snack cup along for when Madison gets hungry.

12PM – Get home, eat lunch. Normally I give Madison grilled cheese, deli meat, pb & j, chicken nuggets or ravioli for lunch. I’ll try to pair it with a vegetable like steamed carrots or peas.

12:30PM -3PM  – Naptime. The all glorious naptime! I use this time to clean, do laundry, check my email, blog, work on freelance projects, etc.

3PM – 5PM – Madison will normally want a snack as soon as she wakes up. After her snack we’ll work on fine motor skills through play. We’ll go for a walk in our neighborhood if the weather is nice, play with puzzles or try out a new activity. My husband normally gets home around 4PM so she burns a ton of energy playing with her Daddy while I start making dinner.

5PM – Dinner time.

5:30PM – Free Play/Family Time.

6PM – Bath/Bedtime routine. Madison gets tired early, so most people may not put their kids in bed as early as we do. We have a bedtime routine that we stick to nightly that seems to calm Madison and helps her sleep better. We give her a bath, let her play with her bath toys and we sing songs, read 2 books that she picks out, say our prayers and then it’s lights out. This normally takes around 45 minutes.

7PM – Lights out. Mommy and Daddy can spend time together or I use this time to catch up on freelance/blogging projects, check my email, etc.



  1. Laura | 4th Jan 18

    When do you do errands in this schedule, for example groceries.

    • Brittany | 4th Jan 18

      In the morning after breakfast or after their nap.

      • Laura | 4th Jan 18

        Thank you;)

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