The Total Body Workout You Can Do ANYWHERE

When I first became a stay-at-home Mom getting some “me” time was pretty vital. I’m someone who has to have some sort out of outlet, or for the lack of better terms – my crazy takes over. While in Kodiak, I do a variety of activities to stay active. I go to fitness classes, hike and run. I honestly hate running. I despise it. But after my mother-in-law convinced me to run with her for a few days while on vacation, I figured it was the extra cardio I needed.

While I crave structure and a leader for my workouts, there are times when I can’t get this. I have a busy summer of traveling ahead, like many of you, and that’s no excuse for us to forgo our workouts! To keep those summer bods in shape, we have to continue to work at it.

When I was visiting Tampa last month, I went for a “walk” with my Mother-in-law that turned into a full blown 600 calorie workout. I was DYING. This woman tricked me into running, doing stadium stairs, abs and running some more. Like I mentioned above, I’m not a runner. But amongst all my complaining, I was grateful for the push because not only did I get a great workout from it, but I also realized that I can get a great workout in almost anywhere! I have a yellow lab that loves to get in a good run, so this is something I’ve been keeping up 2-3 times a week since we got home.

So how do you get in a workout ANYWHERE?

If you’re traveling, not every hotel is going to have a gym. However, you can almost always find somewhere to safely walk/run. Use your surroundings and get creative! While in Tampa I went to the River Walk a few days to workout or would run down a side road near my hotel. I used stairs of nearby buildings to run up. We were lucky enough to find a large group of stairs that were perfect for running stadium stairs. We tried to switch up our routine by adding something different each turn. For example, we’d run all the stairs, run every other stair or run every third stair. This was a great way to get our heart rate up!

Using stairs for supported push-ups and tricep dips is an amazing way to add arms into your workout. We would complete a round of stadium stairs and then 10 reps of either push-ups or tricep dips. My arms were killing me after this workout!

An ab workout is something you can either do in your hotel room or in a grassy area in park, etc. I liked being able to get my ab workout in while I still had my daughter happy in the stroller. At home she likes to jump all over me if I try to workout while she’s awake and it just ends up being a distraction. So outside in the dirt always wins for me.

This ab workout left out abs burning just in time to head to the pool!


One legged V-Ups – 10 X 3(reps), each leg.


Russian Twists – 30 X 3(reps)

Bicycle Crunches – 30 X 3(reps)


Knee Tuck Crunch – 30 X 3(reps)


Standing Oblique Crossover Crunch – 30 X 3(reps), each leg

Be creative and use your surroundings to your advantage! Do you have a favorite workout you can get in anywhere? Let me know more about it in the comments!

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