How To Transition Baby From Formula to Milk in 3 Easy Steps

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My baby boy, Grayson, tuned one in July – which meant it was time to start transitioning from formula to whole milk. I’m not going to lie, I got a little too excited at first over the thought of not having to buy formula anymore and poured him an entire bottle of whole milk. Grayson took one sip before spitting out the whole milk and refusing to drink anymore of his bottle.

That’s when I had to take a step back and remember how we transitioned my daughter from formula to milk. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.  Children 12 to 24 months are recommended to have 16 to 24 ounces of whole milk daily because it provides the calories, fat, and cholesterol to help grow their bodies and develop their brains. So, it’s extremely important to help develop our little ones taste buds so that they transition easily to drinking whole milk.

Take It Slow

When we started to transition Grayson, I completely forgot the most important rule – TAKE IT SLOW! If you just decide to give your child an entire bottle of whole milk (like I did!) then you’re probably also going to get a similar reaction.  To get your child’s taste accustomed to milk, start by swapping out ¼ of the amount of formula with milk and work your way up to 100%.

Grayson normally drinks an 8 oz bottle, so we started by giving him 2 oz of whole milk and 6 oz of formula. After a few days, we added less formula and more milk until we got to the point where he was drinking an entire 8 oz bottle of whole milk.

I’ve loved giving my kids Hood Milk over the past four years. I’m able to pick it up on my weekly Target Runs and find it right in the dairy section. Hood Milk is made without artificial growth hormones and is tested for antibiotics. Milk also provides nutrition children need with 8g of protein and 9 essential nutrients per serving. In addition, it is also a reliable source of calcium and Vitamin D that is essential for bone growth. Hood knows that every drop of milk matters for your family, so they protect our milk from the moment it leaves the farm to the moment it enters your fridge.

Be Consistent

Oh, so your baby doesn’t like whole milk after your first try? Don’t give up! Consistency is key with anything when it comes to our little ones – and this is especially true when transitioning to whole milk. If your babies act like they don’t like whole milk, continue to offer it anyways. You can always add additional formula to the mix until they seem to become accustomed to the new taste.

Offer Milk Certain Times Throughout the Day

Just like formula, I try to keep a “milk schedule” as well. I offer my son milk with his breakfast, mid-morning, mid afternoon and before bed. With so much uncertainty surrounding food choices, it puts my mind at ease knowing that I’m making the right choice to serve my kids Hood milk.  Hood Milk in the LightBlock Bottle® is fresh, delicious and provides the nutrients my family needs!   
Sometimes transitioning to whole milk can take work, but with consistency and tasty Hood Milk, your little one will fall in love with their milk just like my Grayson! 
How To Transition Baby From Formula to Milk in 3 Easy Steps

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