Turning Back the Time On Your Skin – Tips for Anti-Aging

***Disclosure – This post is sponsored by Simplicity Skincare. All thoughts & Opinions are my own.***

When I was in my mid-20s the thought of preserving my skin through anti-aging products never crossed my mind. I’d always looked young for my age, so I rarely hydrated and laid in the sun for hours. I wasn’t aware of the damage I was doing to my own skin, all for the sake of having a dark tan. Not only was I exposing myself to the risk of skin cancer, but I was expediting the aging process of my skin.

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After becoming a Mom, the appearance of my skin really started to take it’s toll. It felt like I woke up one morning and the sleep deprivation, dehydration and sun damage had all taken effect overnight. My skin looked tired and I knew it was time to get a grip on my anti-aging routine before it was too late.

I’ve developed a skincare routine that has helped turn back the clock on my skin. I’ve smoothed out worry lines and brightened my skin’s appearance.

Drink LOTS of Water – Water helps hydrate our bodies inside and out! When I’m dehydrated I can see the difference in my skin. The health authorities suggest drinking eight-8 ounce glasses/daily.

Toner – Toner helps balance the pH levels of your skin. It helps prepare the skin for other skin products in order to receive the maximum benefit. Using toner in both your morning and nighttime helps balance your skin.

Moisturize – I use an anti-aging moisturizer for my morning and nighttime routine. Keeping my skin moisturized is so important in avoiding wrinkles.

Derma-Roller – I use a dermaroller about 4 times a week. This helps increase collagen production to tighten problem areas. It also allows skincare products to seep into your skin and to be more effective.

Simplicity Skincare Reversal Protection Complex I LOVE this!!! I started using this product about a week ago and it has simplified my skincare routine so much! Simplicity Skincare delivers the highest quality Anti Aging Peptide Moisturizer and Hyaluronic Serum available through a dual pump. Therefore you’re only spending money on one product that is allowing you to receive multiple benefits. I love how light it feels on my face and how tight my skin feels after. I’ve noticed a huge difference in the appearance of my skin just from this one product. Find out more at http://www.simplicityskincare.com.


  1. Jenn Wang | 11th Aug 17

    Yessss! Skincare is so important and I just published a post about summer skincare too! I’ve never tried a derma roller – you’re the second blogger to bring it up and I think I need to try one. Also, the Simplicity Skincare product looks amazing. Might have to try that too! 🙂


  2. SkinTighteningSage | 27th Mar 18

    It is important to drink lots and lots of water. Once you see your skin dry, you will know you need to hydrate yourself. I’ve learned that Lack of hydration also leads to lack of UV protection, and you become more susceptible to microorganisms and toxic agents.

    • Brittany | 27th Mar 18

      So true! I didn’t realize that lack of hydration and lack of UV protection were related. That’s even more of a reason to drink up. Thanks for the info! 🙂

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