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One of the hardest parts about having children is knowing that we’re going to eventually have to leave them in someone else’s care. When I had my daughter almost two years ago, I had absolutely NO idea what I was getting myself into. I was terrified to leave her when I had to return to work after maternity leave. Would my daughter be safe? Was I giving her everything she needed? Would she continue to thrive under someone else’s care? Am I doing the right thing? Is it too late to quit my job and never let my daughter leave the house? The questions and worry were endless.

From one mom to another, I can tell you that the worry won’t go away. But over time you’ll feel more at ease, which will make dropping off your bundle of joy SO much easier.

From a Mom who has been there and done that, I can tell you about something else that will make dropping your little babe off at daycare SO much easier! Being prepared with the ultimate Daycare Checklist will minimize your worries!

Feeding Essentials

An infant’s main source of nutrition should be breastmilk or formula for the first year of life. I was unable to breastfeed, so having a bottle I could trust and my daughter loved was a necessity. Based on independent Market Research 97% of mothers would recommend NUK Simply Natural. If you’re breastfeeding and worried about having someone else feed your little one, or even just searching for a bottle your babe will take, NUK Simply Natural comes highly recommended.

NUK Simply Natural has a super soft silicone nipple that is the same shape as that of mom’s nursing nipple. This allows a familiar fit and explains why 93% of babies (based on independent market research) accept this nipple. The advanced built-in 1-piece anti-colic air system helps reduce colic, gas and spit up. It also has multiple nipple holes that provide a natural feel, just like mom’s breast. There are also multiple nipple holes to provide slow, medium, and fast flows – 3 being the slowest flow, 9 being the fastest which mimics mom’s nipple.

When leaving your newborn baby, it is necessary to leave a bottle for every 2 hours you’re gone. If you’re using formula, you can either prepare bottles with the necessary scoops or just give the daycare workers a container to scoop from themselves. Since someone else will be feeding your baby, having a bottle that your baby loves and is trusted by parents, helps make things easier and allows you to have a little bit more peace of mind.

If you feed your infant with breastmilk, it would be smart to pack the breastmilk in a lunchbox cooler daily and bring bibs and burp clothes.

Diaper Essentials

A parent and/or daycare worker should be prepared for every situation. If you can leave items with your child’s caregiver, this would be an item you want to leave. I’d suggest on at least 10/day. Diaper essentials such as wipes, diaper rash cream, etc should also be packed.

Sleep Essentials

Many caregivers/daycares supply a bed for your child to sleep in, but it’s the parents responsibility to provide sheets for the crib/pack-n-play. I also recommend bringing favorite crib loveys, a lightweight swaddle, sleeper and pacifier.

Clothing Essentials

Bring at least 2 extra outfits. This may be something you can also easily leave at the daycare. A pair of shoes and a pajama sleeper are also recommended.

Other Essentials

Once your little one is 6 months old and can wear sunscreen, this should be packed as well. Teething can cause crankiness and a lot of pain for a baby. I also liked to pack tylenol for when the caretaker needed extra assistance. A pacifier clip for your baby’s pacifier will keep it clean and out of others mouths. I also recommend packing a familiar teether from home to assist when your child is suffering from teething.

All of these essentials will make your life and babies life so much easier. A full baby is always a happy baby. Finding a bottle that you can trust can give you a peace of mind in knowing that your baby is being well taken care of. My sister-in-law is currently pregnant and due in October. I picked up a 5 and 9 oz NUK Simply Natural bottle set for my future nephew from my local Wal-Mart down the baby aisle. NUK Simply Natural Bottles are designed to be just like mom’s breast, giving baby a close-to-mom feel never before found from a bottle. So that you can continue that special breastfeeding bond, even when you aren’t breastfeeding.

Don’t forget to print off this FREE Daycare Checklist! You’ll never forget any of the necessities to keep your little one happy by using this printable checklist

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  1. Cristi Comes | 28th Sep 17

    Thanks for the checklist. I’m sure many moms will find that it comes in handy! It’s amazing how much stuff little one needs. 🙂 {client}

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