The Ultimate Medicine Ball Ab Workout

When I started working out after having my daughter, I dreamed of having abs again. Even though it seemed like a far fetched dream then, it is possible with the combination of a healthy diet and exercise. This medicine ball ab shredder workout will help melt belly fat and strengthen your core.

Since I’m heading to North Carolina in a few weeks, and will be spending most of the month of August in a bathing suit I’m trying to heat up my ab workouts. Adding this ab workout with your favorite cardio workout will maximize results. You can combine this with 7 Postpartum Workouts To Help You Lose the Baby weight, Anywhere Workout, Tank Top Arms Workout or my FREE 28-Day HIIT Challenge!

My daughter even loved watching me do this one!

Russian Twists

While sitting with feet on the ground, fully twist torso to the left while holding medicine ball. Tap medicine ball on the floor before twisting back to center. Repeat steps for right side.

Advanced: Lift your legs! This will really allow you to feel the burn.


Laying flat on back, lift legs and sit up while holding medicine ball.

Advanced: Lower legs to create more of a burn to your abs.


Laying flat on back with feet on the ground, crunch up while holding medicine ball.

Toe Touch

Lay flat on back, with legs lifted, medicine ball above head, lift ball to touch toes.


Lay flat on back with arms above head holding medicine ball and legs straight out. Bring medicine ball in to crunch to knees, extend back out.

Standing Oblique Crunch

Holding medicine ball above head, have elbows meet right knee in a side crunch. Repeat for left side.


Hold Plank position with hands placed on medicine ball.



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