The Ultimate Non-Candy Easter Basket

Today I’ve partnered up with several amazing shops to bring you the Non-Candy Easter Basket!

If you read my last post with the Easter Egg Wreath Tutorial, you know that I love Easter. Since Madison is only 15 months, I’m not really comfortable giving her candy. My child already has SO much energy as it is, I can’t imagine what she’d be like with a candy/sugar-high. There are still tons of ways to incorporate the fun of Easter without candy. I’ve put together a list of the most Easter basket worthy non-candy items. I’ve taken the hard work out of preparing an Easter basket for you this year by compiling a list of some seriously amazing items that will be perfect for your toddler!

There’s even a GIVEAWAY!

1. Kugga KIDS Personalized Easter Basket 

The number one must-have for Easter is a personalized Easter basket! This basket comes in several different styles and colors. This basket is high quality, durable and so much roomier than I anticipated! The basket itself, not including handles is 9.5 X 9.5. There will be plenty of room for the Easter bunny to leave plenty of surprises in this basket!

I love the bright, vibrant colors of this basket. This personalized and well-made basket will last your little (or not so little!) one for years to come!

Want a Kugga KIDS Personalized Easter Basket for yourself? Enter below for your own chance to win either a hot pink or blue Easter basket, including personalization! Check out Kugga KIDS on etsy, facebook, and instagram.

***Entries will be accepted until 9PM AST 3/15***

2. Mom E Time Creations Personalized Easter Egg Ruffled Raglan 

How absolutely adorable is this!? Every kid needs a personalized top and Mom E Time Creations has the perfect Easter top for your little one. Your child will guaranteed to look stylish and ready for Easter. I absolutely loved the colors, style and how amazingly SOFT this top is! The little ruffled quarter length sleeves add the perfect feminine touch. Do you have a little boy that you’re shopping for as well? Check out the personalized Easter Egg Hunt Shirt!

Mom E Time Creations also works on custom requests! You can find this shop on etsy, facebook and instagram.

3. Chalkola Chalk Markers

Chalkola Chalk Markers are great for any non-porous surface like chalk boards, windows, mirrors, etc. These markers are non-toxic, water based, quick drying and safe for children. I loved all the bright colors and they really seemed to capture Madison’s attention.

If you’re looking for an inside play activity, then these markers are a must-have! As you can see from the pictures Madison loved testing these out on our glass door. I loved watching her giggle and squeal as she got to color on the windows! The best part about these markers is how easily they wipe right off! I just sprayed the door with windex and wiped it down with a paper towel. Chalkola chalk markers come in various sizes and colors. You can check out Chalkola for yourself on their website, facebook and instagram. You can also purchase the 6mm or 15mm pens on amazon. 

***SAVE 15% off ALL Chalkola Products with the coupon code: 15OFFSTR*** 

4. AKVK Creations Hipster Bunny Romper

This romper is simple and chic combined into one completely adorable outfit! Combined with AKVK Creations Easter Isabella Bow Collection for your little girls, this outfit is too cute to pass up! The darling pink lace sleeves are the perfect touch to this little hipster outfit. Your little will be the cutest “cool” kid in their hipster bunny romper! While the girl hipster bunny is complete with lace sleeves and a bunny hair bow, the boy bunny romper has solid blue sleeves and a bowtie.

I loved this romper and the Isabella bow collection. These headbands didn’t pull at Madison’s hair (and she has sooo much, so this is key) and for once – she didn’t even pull the headband out. Mommy win on that one! 🙂 The colors were versatile and I can see us getting a lot of use out of those this spring.

This romper was well made, fashionable and a new twist on the traditional Easter bunny. This outfit is perfect for your little fashionista! You can find more of AKVK Creation’s gorgeous outfits on their website, facebook and instagram.

5. Evynn Rose Bows Easter Bunny Hair Clips

How absolutely adorable are these bunny ear hair clips? After putting these in Madison’s hair I let her look in the mirror and she just giggled. I’ve loved teaching her about Easter this year, and items like these hair clips have helped make that easier! Madison has SO much hair. These hair clips securely held her hair back in addition to adding a little spark (or ear) to her outfit.


Evynn Rose Bows completes custom orders for bows and makes tutu dresses. The owner even included a pink and white polkadot bow in my shipment as well. Evynn Rose has a variety of bows to help prepare your little girls for Easter and Spring! You can find more on etsy, facebook and instagram.

6. Stephan Baby Little Bunny Lovey Set, Knotty Doll, My 1st Doll and Boo-Bunnie

I’m not sure if I can say enough good things about the Stephen Baby products I received. Madison is completely obsessed with baby dolls right now.  I’m currently staring at her on the baby monitor while I write this and she is still clutching both dolls in her sleep. Not only are these products well made but they’re creative, captivating and safe for babies and toddlers.

The bunny lovey is made of the softest and thickest plush available for baby toys. The lovey can be easily detached from the bunny. The one I received is pink, but this is also available in blue and cream. The Knotty Doll and 1st Baby Doll are the perfect addition to any Easter basket. The Knotty Doll is slightly larger than the 1st Baby Doll. The 1st Baby Doll is the perfect size to slip into Mom’s purse. Both dolls are completely safe for your baby or toddler. Your little one can even find a doll that looks similar to themselves! They are available in various hair colors/ethnicities. If you have a little boy, check out this Dinosaur Pillow Toy! Boo-Bunnies are such an amazingly creative idea! A small plastic cube filled with distilled water can be frozen until needed. The cube slips into the bunny and is used to soothe your little one’s boo-boos with a creative twist! I can’t wait to try this out next time Madison is teething!

Stephan Baby has hundreds of awesome products on their website, facebook and instagram.

7. AKnotAgain Flower Pacifier Clip & Silicon Teething Ring w/Natural Wood Teether

Madison loves her pacifier, but also loves to throw them constantly. I adore this Flower Pacifier clip! It’s fashionable but also keeps Madison’s pacifier from being thrown on the ground multiple times a day. If your little one is like mine, a good pacifier clip is a necessity when out running errands. This clip also doubles as a teether! How great is that? The soft silicon is 100% food grade silicon and safe for your little one to chew on. So not only will they look stylish, but they’ll get to soothe their aching gums as well.

The silicon teething ring w/natural wood teether is also a winner in our book. Teething is never any fun, but the various shapes and sizes of the silicone beads and the wood teether will help make the pain more manageable. The different shapes and colors will also help your baby develop hand/eye coordination along with other fine motor skills. These teethers are a million times better than teethers that I paid double for from large retail stores.

AKnotAgain products can be customized to the color of your choosing. This store is able to put a creative spin on teething products with various teething rings. Want to check some out for yourself? Check out AKnotAgain Etsy shop, facebook and instagram!

8. Sugar Bean Bow Co Vintage Easter Bunny Bow Headband & Hair Ties

I am such a sucker for big, beautiful bows and these gorgeous bows from Sugar Bean Bow Co are no exception. I (not so) secretly love that Madison has such long hair, so that I can style it with gorgeous headbands and bows. Sugar Bean Bow Co’s products are all undeniably adorable AND handmade! The owner can customize anything, so if you have a vision she can likely help you!


I received the Vintage Easter Bunny Bow headband and the Layer Coral Bow headband. The southern girl inside me just bubbled over with happiness over how big, beautiful and perfect these headbands are. These headbands add just the perfect amount of pizzazz to any spring or summer outfit. I also received some super adorable hair ties! Is it bad I’m jealous of my daughter’s adorable hair accessories? I can’t get over how perfect these are.

Want to see more of what Sugar Bean Bow Co offers? Check out their etsy shop, facebook and instagram.

9. Mama Bears Baby Beads  Seahorse Animal Teether, Lanah Teething Bracelet, Doria Teething Necklace

Mama Bears Baby Beads owner is SO creative! I absolutely love her products and how many different options she has.

The Seahorse Animal Teether is mine and Madison’s favorite. This can be used to easily attach to strollers, toy rings, etc. Since Madison is a little older now, I allowed her to use hers as a necklace. She was in love with it! When I took it off of her she kept trying to put it back on. She loved the different feel of all the beads and the seahorse teether. I’d highly suggest this for all teething littles. This has such a fun look and is different than most teethers you’d find in a retail store – and in my opinion much better.

The Lanah Teething Bracelets are so adorable! They were small enough to fit on Madison’s wrist and could chew on them if she wanted that way. This is a different twist that combines both style and comfort.

 The Doria Teething Necklace is a gift for both mom and baby! Mama stays fashionable while baby finally has a necklace that is Mommy approved to chew on. This necklace has different shape beads that will help soothe sore baby gums.

You can find more of what Mama Bears Baby Beads offers on their website, facebook and instagram.

10. Late Night Luna Infinity Bracelets 

Late Night Luna’s website states that these Infinity bracelets are the “perfect reminder of the infinite possibilities that lay just within arms reach.” I like to think that this bracelet also shows our daughter that our love is also infinite.

I received this bracelet in lavender. It actually compliments perfectly with the personalized Easter egg shirt she received. The bracelet is well made and absolutely beautiful! It has a chain where the size can be adjusted as your little one grows. I can’t wait to see Madison wear this some more!

You can find this bracelet along with many other awesome products on Late Night Luna’s website, facebook and instagram.

11. Bella Girl Bows Top Knot

This is the perfect hair accessory to compliment any spring outfit! This is wellmade with a gorgeous pattern. Just looking at it makes me ready for Spring! I love how easily this top knot stays in my daughter’s hair. I’m able to part her hair and keep it in place with this secure top knot. I just know this will be a popular hair accessory for her this spring! Bella Girl Bows are very reasonably priced and even takes custom orders!

Bella Girl Bows offers many other hair accessory options. You can find more by checking them out on instagram!

12. Wanderlust Kids Co Romper & Bunny Ear Flower Crown

Wanderlust Kids Co is a modern and adventurous children’s clothing boutique located in Baltimore, Maryland. Their handcrafted clothing and accessories are TO DIE FOR. Let’s just insert the heart-eyed emoji here! One look at their website and you will be just as swoon as I was over their adorable outfits. Wanderlust Kids Co clothing is made of great quality and even better style. Just look at how adorable the romper is that Madison is wearing!


I love the spring colors and design of the romper. It has the perfect spring colors to go with an equally adorable bunny ear flower crown! If you’re looking for the perfect Spring or Easter outfit, you will most definitely find it at Wanderlust Kids Co!

If you’re not in the Baltimore area, never fear. You can find Wanderlust Kids Co on their Website, Instagram or Facebook.




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