Weekend Recap

Have I mentioned lately how much I LOVE actually having my husband home? Since he switched aircraft models when we moved here he’s having to get qualified. So, luckily that means no overnight duty during the week. On weekends he still stands duty overnight sometimes, but this past weekend he was home with us. I’ve gotten so used to having him home with us every night, I know it’s going to be a big adjustment for me and Madison when he starts standing overnights and going on deployments.

On Friday Matt had to work, so Riley, Madison and I met up with one of my girlfriends, her daughter and dogs for a hike at Fort Abercrombie. I LOVE this trail because it’s a great workout for me but it’s also gorgeous. The scenery here will never get old. It’s also a great trail to wear Riley out. After running around with her doggie friends and swimming, she was beat.


On Saturday, Matt, Madison and I headed to the local pumpkin patch! I was so excited to have Madison pick out a pumpkin! Due to the unpredictable weather, the pumpkin patch was actually inside. This was held at the fairgrounds, so there was actually tons of room. There was also a petting zoo and “leave pit” for the kids. The leave pitt was a cornered section full of leaves for the kids to play in. Madison wasn’t quite big enough (or mobile enough) for the leave pit but she was able to check out some of the animals in the petting zoo. The petting zoo was smaller but had sheep, goats, chickens and bunny’s. Madison was not a fan of any of these! We tried showing her how Mom and Dad pet the animals but she just seemed really unsure and scared of the new strange animals.


After the petting zoo we went to pick out a pumpkin! Madison was having fun trying to climb on top of the larger pumpkins. It was a fun little outing for our family!


On Sunday, we spent the day being LAZY. Football Sunday is a big deal in our house, so we filled up on football and junk food. The sun has been rising later and later lately. We’re currently losing 6 minutes of daylight a day. It’s crazy! 



We all got to watch the sunrise Sunday morning…at 9:04am. While watching football. Did I mention football starts at 9am here? Whew.

 Riley, Madison and I went for a walk with our neighbor after I finally was able to drag myself out of my lazy coma. The wind has been insane here this week and Sunday was no exception. We ended up cutting our walk a little short because of it.

As I’m posting this it’s actually snowing here! In North Carolina it never knows in October, so this is a first for me. The high is only 40 today, so I’ll be hibernating this week.

What amazing things did everyone do this weekend?


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