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Our first week in Kodiak has absolutely flown by. Kodiak is like a different world from Elizabeth City. We’re surrounded by mountains and the Gulf of Alaska. We’ve had a couple of rainy and downcast days so far, but for the most part the weather has been gorgeous. The high has ranged between 57-70. But the 70 degrees here is a lot cooler than 70 degrees in NC. It’s so weird for me not to be able to wear shorts or dresses in July. It’s definitely something we’ll have to get used to. I think I’m going to need to invest in some more Winter clothes!

When it has rained here, it’s been gross and downcast all day. Supposedly that’s how it is majority of the time in the fall/winter so I guess I’ll have to get used to it. I now understand why everyone told me to get outside when it’s sunny.

On Thursday Matt’s car was received in Kodiak! FINALLY! Since we only had one car, he’d been taking the car to work and Madison and I were having to hang out at the hotel all day. Now that we both have our individual cars me and Madison can get out during the day some.


Madison has been all out of whack since we got to Kodiak. She’s been really fighting to go to sleep and then waking up every hour or two throughout the night. It’s been really rough on Matt and I, but especially Matt since he has to go to work the next morning. Being a first time Mom, I always worry when things aren’t “normal”. Madison is cutting her top front tooth, but things have seemed off with her besides that.

After not sleeping much Thursday night, she woke up Friday morning with a 100.7 fever. Even though the fever was low, I was still worried since she was not her normal self. I was thinking it may be an ear infection since she was so upset when she would lay down on her back but wanted to get her checked out before going into the weekend. I was able to get her an afternoon appointment at the Kodiak Island Medical Association. I had no idea there was basically one doctor’s office for your various primary needs on the island. It turns out there’s not even a pediatrician on the island! One comes down once a month from Anchorage, but for the most part we’re in a primary care doctors hands. I’m the type of person who is very Type A and likes to have a plan for every possible scenario. Knowing that if something goes wrong with Madison, we’d have to wait it out or fly to Anchorage does make me nervous. The Doctor we saw was really nice and a retired USCG PA. Luckily Madison’s ears did check out fine, but she did have a slight upper respiratory infection. Since it was viral and not bacterial there wasn’t any antibiotics the doctors could give us.

The Doctor did think part of her problem with not sleeping was coming from the time change. Luckily, I discovered Fade Away Sleep Sounds! Their website has downloadable white noise sounds. I was able to download the Washing Machine and Dryer sounds on my iphone to play for Madison. These white noise sounds are an hour each and have a slow fade during the last 10 minutes of the download. This helped SO much over the past three nights. Saturday we tried the washing machine sound and Friday we tried the dryer sound to put her down. This white noise has definitely made a great difference! And helped this Mama get some MUCH needed sleep. They even have adult white noise sounds! You can check out the different white noise options they have at http://www.fadeawaysleepsounds.com/.

The Airstation here waited no time at all before putting Matt on overnights. Saturday he had overnight duty, so was gone from 8AM Saturday morning until 8AM Sunday. I always realize how much help my hubby is when he’s not around. I did need a few things for the hotel room, so Madison and I drove over to base to check out the commissary. Since everything has to be shipped to Kodiak the prices of food here are really expensive. The prices at the commissary were much better than the other grocery stores in town. It’s also hard to find good produce here. Since the produce has to be shipped in as well, it’s really expensive and is close to being ripe.

After running our errands we decided to take it easy and rest up in the hotel. The weather was rainy and dreary, so we didn’t want to be outside. We’re lucky that we’ve had a hotel to stay at, especially at a place that is so accommodating to Coast Guard and their pets. But I am definitely over hotel living. It’s hard being in the same room as everyone else. I know Riley is itching to get out and have more space to move. Housing told Matt we should have a place this week, so I’m crossing my fingers.

Saturday the weather was gorgeous! It was actually 70 degrees and WARM for the first time since we’ve been here! We went to lunch with another family at a cute seafood place about 40 minutes away from our hotel. It was quite a drive, but well worth it. We ate outside and just enjoyed good company and good weather. It was great to finally have a sunny day we could get out and enjoy.

Matt was off Monday too since he had duty on Saturday. I had my first session with my personal trainer and I am SO sore! I haven’t worked out really hard since I got pregnant. I’ve been wanting to really focus on getting back in shape, I just struggled to find the time. There’s not much going on in Kodiak in the Fall/Winter, so I want to get a head start in getting in a workout routine. I found an awesome gym that offers PT and fitness classes.

The internet has been horrible at the hotel. We lose connectivity a lot so it’s been hard to blog or do anything online. Our cell phone service is also spotty so I feel like I’m disconnected from everything. Hopefully we’ll get a house this week. Once we find out where we’re living we’ll go ahead and switch cell phone providers.



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