Weekly Recap

I’ve been meaning to write more weekly recaps, but life has just been a whirlwind lately. I’m making it a goal of mine to publish these at least once a week. But we’ll see how that goes. 🙂

My parents visited our family in Kodiak this past week. I only get to see my parents once or twice a year, so we love to take advantage of our time together. My parents had never been to Alaska in the summer, so Matt and I had lots to show them. We spent the week hiking various trails and even convinced my Mom to hike one of the mountains. She complained most of the way up, but she agreed that the views were worth the hike once we were at the top.

We also spent time exploring various beaches and the wildlife. We saw eagles, deer, wild horses, sea lions and whales! We had the goal to find a bear (from the car of course) but were unable to track one down. My Dad loves to take pictures, so he was in his element.

It was also nice having my parents around to help with Madison. I’m so used to doing everything by myself that I forget how nice it can be to actually have help. We’re entering our last year in Kodiak and I’m so excited to move closer to family and help when we need it.

Our visit with my parents was amazing, but last week also had it’s lows. On Wednesday, we had to put our sweet Lena to sleep. This was a heartbreaking but necessary decision. This sweet girl was so special to me and gave me so much love over the past two years. She had laryngeal paralysis and was starting to experience congenital heart failure. Lena was starting to have a very hard time breathing, walking and could no longer get up by herself. While she was almost 14 and had common health problems, like most senior pets, her decline happened very quickly. I just knew I couldn’t let Lena stay in pain any longer.

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Putting Lena to sleep was definitely one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. I KNOW it was the right thing to do, but that doesn’t make it easier. I feel like she’s probably in puppy heaven chasing horses (these were her favorite to bark at on tv), suntanning and eating her favorite food – Salmon!

While this week was up and down emotionally, I was so glad to have family around! Now that Riley is an only Dog-Child, I’m planning on taking her for more hikes, runs and beach trips.


  1. Mimi | 23rd Jul 18

    The landscape in the last picture looks unreal! Wow

    • Brittany | 26th Jul 18

      Thanks! The views here are insane.

  2. Paula @ I'm Busy Being Awesome | 23rd Jul 18

    Sorry you had some ups and downs during this week but it’s so nice when family visits

    • Brittany | 26th Jul 18

      It sure is.

  3. Amber | 23rd Jul 18

    Always nice when family is around. We just spent 2 weeks in Oregon with my parents and it was fantastic. All these photos are amazing btw!

    • Brittany | 26th Jul 18

      Thank you! I hope you had fun with your family as well!

  4. Kate Andrews | 24th Jul 18

    I am so sorry about Lena! That is always so hard. But you did the best thing by her and she is at peace. Sending my thoughts to you guys!

    • Brittany | 26th Jul 18

      Thank you!

  5. Sharon | 24th Jul 18

    What gorgeous views you have! I bet this was such a special time for your parents as well.

    • Brittany | 26th Jul 18

      It definitely was!

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